Migration and Upgrade Services

As our technology stack suggests, we can draw from a wide range of experience to migrate or upgrade your legacy system to be web enabled or otherwise.

If you want your system written from the ground up because you want to embrace current world technologies and provide the best experience possible for your clients, then you have come to the right people. Our business analysts will work with yours to fully understand your old system, and our project managers will provide innovative and insightful solutions for your brand new system.Our world class developers will then perform their obligatory magic to create striking and enduring systems so that you minimize technical debt in the future.

Our company has some of the foremost database experts and as such, we are proficient in data cleansing and the migration of data from your legacy systems into Oracle, our preferred high end database. We will also work with your third party data providers and vendors and will be able to massage their data or write interfaces between their systems and yours.

If you decide not to go for our cloud services, where upgrades are our problem, then we are proficient in upgrading all of the software in the technology stack. We are especially efficient in Oracle upgrades and can draw on our vast experience in upgrading databases since the days of Oracle 7. Anyone who has gone through an Oracle upgrade knows of the pain and pitfalls associated with it, and we can help to minimize client disruption and make your customer experience of the upgrade process a favourable one.

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