About Us

Timegate Technologies is not your average Information Technology company.  In today’s fast-paced ever-changing world, we do not stay fixated on outmoded software technology.  We have the world’s best software engineers, architects and project managers who will work together with you to understand your needs and provide an innovative solution to your company, leveraging the best development tools available on the market.

If you build a house, you would choose the best architect, engineer and developer available to suit your budget.  We at Timegate embrace the same philosophy in the way we do business with you.  Our promise to you is based on the highest standards of quality and our inventive solutions will not only exceed your expectations but will add value to your business.

We at Timegate believe in staying ahead of the game and pride ourselves on keeping abreast with the latest changes in our preferred technology stack which is primarily Oracle and Java, used as the preferred baseline of almost all the Fortune 500 companies.

We do not just state that we can build web applications.  If you need an e-commerce solution, we will make sure that it is dynamic and interactive, can run optimally in modern browsers, can run on smartphones and tablets, has the option of running in a cloud, and will be built with the highest standards of safety and security on the market.  We will also give you options on backup and disaster recovery.

Finally, performance optimization is critical to a smoothly running system.  We believe in a comfortable end-user experience, because after all, the users of your applications are the key to the optimal running of your business.  Our testing phase includes extensive feedback from a broad range of users, leading to ease and expediency of getting work done.

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