Cloud Applications

Cloud services are simply client applications hosted transparently from dependencies on client network, hardware and devices. These services have synergies with the web services we offer, because you always have the option of hosting your systems and applications with us or with your preferred service provider.

Cloud applications deliver the huge benefit of high availability because it is hosted by a service provider who guarantees and automates the best backup and failover/recovery solution depending on your needs. Because your applications are hosted remotely, we can automate load scalability and balancing in the events of performance spikes. We can automate failover to a redundant node in the event of a disaster, whether it is hardware or software related or even a physical change to your business premises.

Because we maintain the technology infrastructure, you reduce on spending and achieve economies of scale with little effort. If you add up all the capital costs of hardware, software and licensing, the savings could provide an immense benefit to your organization. In turn, we are able to scale and manage these costs effectively, and pass these savings on to you.

The cloud provides flexible and transparent compatibility with any client device, be it a tablet, workstation or laptop. Your staff and management will be able to access your applications globally and on the move. Because of improved accessibility, you can spend more time streamlining your business processes and less time on training.

You will not have a need any more for software rollouts and upgrades, as all of these “IT headaches” are transparent and seamless to you and your users. Leave the difficult, technical stuff to us, and concentrate on your business.

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