Mobile Device Applications

Today’s fast-paced world has gone mobile and it may not be enough that your business has the solid web presence that we can provide. We can create smart phone and tablet applications on all major hardware platforms such as Apple/iOS, Android and Windows using key methodologies from our technology stack.

People expect to be able to search and find you on smart phones and tablets. Geo-presence could be very important for your business.

There are also great synergies in certain types of businesses for your staff to be able to work with mobile devices.

Imagine a restaurant where your waiters are able to take complex orders at a table without the possibility of mistakes. They could also have an interactive experience with diners, allowing the diner to choose from the menu, or customize their food, without having to look at a traditional paper menu. They could then rate their experience during the order and upon receiving their food. A low rating would trigger an alert with restaurant management, and problems could be solved before the customer leaves your premises. The payment process could be streamlined and does not necessitate a traditional cashier. Credit card (reader) and online payments could be done via the tablet software, and this eliminates possible points of fraud.

Tablets and smart phones have powerful scanning abilities via built in cameras. Imagine a “Time and Attendance” scenario where there has to be strict control of staff. Upon entry and exit, either their ID tags could be scanned, or they could sign in with fingerprint recognition software. The device could also take a picture and save the record of a person’s whereabouts at a point in time. This will be linked to back office software where T&A reports could be pulled for management.

We can also write cellphone and SMS applications to provide system functionality to basic mobile devices, targeting lower-income or mass markets.

The possibilities are endless and so is our imagination. If it is your desire to go mobile, allow our team to advise you on the myriad of options available.

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