Technology Stack

Web / Front-end development

  • Frameworks: Spring MVC, Ajax, Seam
  • Languages/Technologies : HTML5, CSS, Java, Javascript
  • Delphi for Windows 32 and 64 bit, iOS (Apple) and Android (Google)


Web services / SOA

  • Frameworks: Spring WS, AXIS.
  • Languages/Technologies : WSDL, XSD, Soap, Rest-WS, JSon


Database / Back-end

  • Frameworks: Hibernate, iBATIS, JDBC
  • Languages/Technologies : Oracle PL/SQL, SQL
  • Oracle Enterprise RDBMS.  Big Data. Warehousing.



  • Frameworks: Spring AOP/DI.  JEE and Session Beans.
  • Technologies : Business Rules Engines
  • JEE application servers - JBOSS.  Weblogic. XML. XSD.



  • Spring Batch.  
  • ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) technology
  • FTP/SFTP file processing integration
  • Asynchronous message queue integration
  • B2B and B2C web service integration
  • Distributed/Shared database integration


Operational/ Monitoring

  • Performance dashboards
  • Service downtime/uptime reports
  • Service availability alerting
  • Service usage tracking and statistics

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