Database Services

We offer a wide range of database services.  Our preference is Oracle and its associated technologies, and Oracle is the preferred choice of most of the Fortune 500 companies. Our technology stack is dominated by the brands of Oracle Corporation and they now own Java and Weblogic.  This makes us an Oracle technology specialist and you can rest assured you have come to the right place if you need advice from database gurus.

Some of the Oracle database services you can benefit from are:

  • Installation and expert configuration  on most hardware platforms, with a speciality on unix flavours such as Solaris and Linux
  • Migrations and upgrades
  • Disaster Recovery solutions, backup, archiving and high availability solutions. Minimize your down-time so that your business continues running while ensure redundancy in the background.
  • Security consulting and encryption, using the latest worldwide standards such as AES and mobile/OTP or fingerprint authentication
  • Cluster solutions such as RAC. This ensures that your server nodes are distributed for performance and redundancy.
  • Compression and deduplication of data.
  • Training and advice given to your internal and external clients, ranging from application users to developers and architects.
  • Performance Tuning. We have written our own tools for this and see ourselves as world leaders in this area. We also focus on optimizing application and connection pool behaviour for consistent and scalable performance.
  • Batch data processing. Using best practices, we can set up efficient high-volume processing, for example monthly statement and billing batch jobs.
  • The internationalization of your databases and applications to facilitate global deployment supporting multiple regions, currencies, languages and time zones, including support for multi-byte character sets such as UTF8. As your business expands to exotic markets, you had better make sure that your clients in the Far East are able to use your applications as easily as your local clients can.
  • Data warehousing. We will set up and manage your archived and ETL data using the latest technology. We will customize your reports and make them available through web interfaces if needed. We will also make use of Big Data technologies if necessary, for example the need to report quickly on abnormally large volumes of data (petabytes and more) in your data warehouse. We can implement advanced statistical analysis and graphical representation summaries, drill-up and drill-down reporting and similar features that you would get on traditional data warehouses.

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